Ranglerz is a leading offshore web development,  internet marketing and software applications development company in Pakistan and United kingdom. Our website solutions are specially design for business and they simply work because we always put our customers first. We specialize in PHP development, Joomla development, Wordpress, Cake PHP development, Java based web applications development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Google Advertisement. We have in-house SEO in Lahore and SEO in Uk team have been small business website designers for more than two years, which makes us a well established freelance professional website design company in our area, with an extensive website portfolio as we are pioneer in SEO in Lahore, We strictly follow White hat SEO techniques along with Google SEO Guiedlines and Google Webmaster guidelines.

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We are the leading Pakistan SEO Company who offers array of archetypal services among which;

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Ranglerz has not only its impact on the internet marketing but also the conversion of your local visitors to customers. We  provide SEO services to our international customers and would like to welcome SEO, SMM and WD Global along with SEO in Lahore Pakistan. We specialize in creating websites using internet marketing and search engine Optimization techniques that achieve high search engine result positions (SERPs) in as natural a way as possible for the chosen product’s market.

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Looking for a reliable SEO Company PakistanThen why not contact Ranglerz today! Boost Your Local Business with SEO Pakistan services. Ranglerz can get you to the first page of Yahoo, Google, and Bing. As a full-fledged Pakistan Internet Marketing service provider or SEO Company in Pakistan we offer you economical prices for organic SEO in Pakistan, EuropeUSA, Canada, UK, Middle East and other regions. We can help you to increase your sales via SEO services and SMM services we offer. SeoservicesinPakistan.com (Ranglerz) offers you a variety of search engine optimization packages to suit your business, company, website and of course your budget.

We don’t tie you in to a long contract. If you don’t see the results then you simply stop using us. We look to give long term results by using ethical white hat search engine optimization techniques. There are no guarantees of course because in this industry no one can assure #1 position in search engine results pages. If someone does so, all the so called “Guru” is trying to sell you is ‘snake charm oil’. What we promise you of, based upon our over a decade of experience, is page 1, top 7 or top 5 positions for your targeted keywords. In addition, if we don’t get you the promised positions within the predetermined period of time, our finest brains will continue working on the project free of charge for up to a period of three to six  month till we position your keywords at the top of search results. See SEO Results of some of our clients.

We often see excellent websites on the net which have very bad optimization. What is the point of spending huge amount of money on a site that nobody can ever find? With simple on site changes and off page optimization you can get your site to the top of the search results.

❋On Page Optimization Activities

Basic On-Page SEO Analysis of Your Website,  Complete Instruction Plan will include Keywords Research, Analysis & Recommendations, Competitors Analysis, Content Optimization, Internal Linking,  URL Structure Changes, Site-map updating / creation, Meta data creation, HTML Coding, Validation & Correction, Heading tags i.e. H1, H2 & Strong/Bold tags, Error 404 page optimization, Canonical Issue Check, Xml Sitemap Generation & Submission to Google, Bing & Yahoo, Robots.txt.

❋Off Page Optimization Activities

EDU Profile Backlinks (eg. Root Domains harvard.edu, arizona.edu), Permanent Do-Follow Backlink s on the Homepage of high page PageRank  Domains, (Low OBL, High MozTrust, Avg. DA 30/PA 40, ), Article Posts on PageRank 2 to 6 Blogs (30% PageRank 3+ Domains), Review Submissions, Q & A Submissions, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting, Forum Commenting, Video Submissions (Video Provided by Client), Social Networking


Having a website makes no sense if it does not get found when someone is looking for what it has to offer in a search engine. SEO means, creating the right conditions required by prominent search engine/s to display a website in its search engine results page when someone is searching for similar content that is offered in a particular website.

For example, if your website is all about SEO Pakistan then you need to get your website search engine optimized so that it will get displayed in the search engine results page when someone is searching for websites about SEO Pakistan in that search engine.

Choosing the Keywords for your website

To start optimizing you first need to find out the keywords/search terms people will use frequently when they are looking for similar content you have in your website.

Taking the same example as above, if your website is about SEO Pakistan you need to find out keywords/search terms people will often use when they are searching for a SEO Pakistan website in a search engine.

You can use a keywords tool to find out the keywords and search terms people use when they are looking for a website that has content similar to your website.

There are many search terms or keywords tools available online you can use to find out the best keywords/ search terms for your website/blog.

When you have your keywords tool ready to go, moving forward with the real SEO Pakistan example, type the word SEO Pakistan (if your website is about cloths then type cloths) inside the space provided to type the keyword.

When you do this you will get list showing almost all the search terms people use when they are searching to find a SEO Pakistan website along with number of searches made.

For example if it shows
SEO Pakistan (4,400)
This means that many searches made for the word SEO Pakistan.
From the list select the keywords that best describes the content of your website.

Writing the Tags

When you have selected the keywords you need to the use the words you have selected to write the tags for all the pages of your website.

When you are doing this make sure to use the keyword that best explain the content of the page you are writing the tags for. Note: Do not pick keywords that are not relevant to the content of that page search engines do not like this practice and your website can be penalized for that.

Submitting to Search Engines

When you are done with the tags you can then submit your website to search engines. This is to create awareness and inform the search engines about your new website and for them to get it indexed.

Link Building

It can be done through by so many ways. However, the excellent method above all else  is to have a website that has very and unique information to its target audience. If your website has this then attracting links from other website that has similar content will happen automatically over a period of time.

You can seek back links from blogs, guest blogging, forums etc. Here you need to keep the most essential thing in mind and that is how relevant is the content in that forum or blog you are seeking to get a back link from to the content of your website.

In addition to what is mentioned above you can also submit your website to directories. When you submit your website to directories you need to ensure that you submit your website only to quality directories means;  that has a several websites listed under many categories as opposed to submitting your website to directories with a fewer categories and only one or two websites listed under those few categories.

Once again you need to also keep in mind that when you submit your website to a directory you always submit your website to the most relevant category.

Purchase links from other websites with a high Google page rank  is another method for getting back links to your website is. Here too you need to be concerned about the relevancy of the content, link should be do follow link as well.

Links coming in to your website from other websites, never mind if those other websites are having a very high Google P-R will still be of no use to your website if the content of that website has no relation whatsoever to the content you have in your website.

It should be also be aware that it is considered as a bad way to get bad link and not many search engines like the idea of purchasing links so the best way to go about building links to your website is to practice natural link building.

Having your own Blog

Having a blog is a great idea and very useful link magnate for your website, but then you should keep this in mind that your blog only has information that is valuable to your target audience. It is also an great way to get visitor feedback as well.

Having a blog can reduce the bounce rate and increase the stickiness of your website in the result search engines understand that your audience likes the information in your website because it is helpful to them.

A low bounce rate will help push a site up on the search engines results page. This is because the search engines are in the business of providing the most useful content available every time one of their users makes a search. Search engine owners know that the users will stick with a search engine only if that search engine lists websites having the most useful content related to the search made.

There is now quick and fast way to get your website listed at the top of the search engines results page when a related search is made. The best method and also the fastest method to get your site listed in the first page is to always ensure your website has unique and current information that is highly valuable to your target audience.